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When playing EuroMillions Lottery, picking and choosing the right numbers can alter your life completely. It is the thin line between throwing a few bucks on a losing lottery ticket and being a millionaire with tens or hundreds of millions in your bank account. So keep reading in order to know how to make the best picks and hopefully win the EuroMillions Lottery so you can add millions to your bank account.


EuroMillions has 15 million Euros as its minimum value of the jackpot. This is equal to 11 million pounds and 21 million dollars. The jackpot doesn’t stay there; it keeps increasing each week until it reaches the maximum value for its jackpot which is equal to an outstanding 185 million Euros. So if you get the right numbers and win the EuroMillions, you are going to be a financially free individual with no financial worries. You will easily join the world’s richest list without any effort.

In order to be the lucky winner of Euromillions you will have to match 5 main balls between the numbers one and fifty alongside 2 lucky stars from another ball between 1 & 11. The odds of achieving that is estimated to be 1 in 116 million. These odds in picking the winning numbers in the Euromillions Lottery are the reason behind the huge rollover that Euromillions jackpots always have.

If you find out that you are the winner on the Euromillions Lottery, then it is advised to claim your win as soon as you can after the announcement of the results. This is due to the fact that claiming your win has a deadline in which no claims can be done after its due. The claim deadline in the United Kingdom is 180 days after the draw’s date. It can be longer or shorter in other countries, so it is advised to claim it fast right after the results.

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Lottery Numbers and the randomization of numbers has fascinated me since I got my first Apple IIE computer and learned how to use the RND function. From that point on, I was able to create simple programs to randomize lottery numbers and later, programs that could predict the outcome of lottery numbers drawings.

Discovering how the lottery worked and then later applying it to lottery numbers drawings in the UK and in the US, I was able to then create prediciton software for other purposes. UK Lottery Numbers Number randomization is an amazing algorithim, but there's nothing more fun than going through tons of data so quickly to determine the lottery numbers that are most likely to hit.

Fascinated by the UK Lottery Numbers and want to find out the numbers that are most likely to hit? Well, me too and that has been my driving passion in writing my software. While the software is not available to the public, I do want to let you know that the same piece of software that I created can in fact, still be created on a Windows 3.1 terminal using BASIC.

If you are a fan of the Loto and think that you can crack the code to the UK Lotto, then start programming today and you may find yourself pleasently surprised.

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